European robin


The European robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a small passerine bird that is found throughout Europe, as well as parts of Asia and North Africa. It is known for its distinctive reddish-orange breast and white eye-ring, which make it easy to identify.

Here are some key facts about the European robin:

  • Appearance: The European robin is a small bird, typically measuring around 14 cm (5.5 in) in length and weighing around 16 g (0.6 oz). It has a brownish-grey back and wings, with a reddish-orange breast and a white belly. The bird's head is also brownish-grey, with a white throat and a white eye-ring.

  • Diet: The European robin is omnivorous, feeding on a variety of insects, worms, seeds, and fruits. During the winter, when food is scarce, robins will also eat small mammals, such as mice and voles.

  • Habitat: The European robin is found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, hedgerows, parks, and gardens. It is a common sight in many urban areas and is often seen feeding on scraps of food left by humans.

  • Breeding: The European robin breeds from March to August, with the female typically laying a clutch of 4-6 eggs in a nest made of twigs, leaves, and moss. The eggs are incubated for around 13 days, and the chicks fledge after around 14-16 days.

  • Behavior: European robins are territorial birds, with males defending their breeding territories vigorously against other males. They are also known for their complex and varied vocalizations, which are used for territorial defense, courtship, and communication.

  • Conservation: The European robin is a widespread bird, and is not considered to be threatened with extinction. However, like many bird species, it is vulnerable to habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as predation by domestic cats and other introduced predators

  • Overall, the European robin is a fascinating and iconic bird that is beloved by many people for its cheerful song and colorful appearance. Its adaptability and resilience have allowed it to thrive in a wide range of habitats, making it a familiar sight throughout much of Europe and beyond.

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