All Of Us Are Dead ending explained: Heartbreaking goodbyes, a welcome return, and questions for Season 2


The first season of All Of Us Are Dead ended on a rather disillusioned and miserable (there’s no other way to put it) note, yet managed to pave the way for Season 2. In Episode 11, Cheong-san (Chan Young-yoon) is bitten by Gwi-Nam, who is neither a zombie or a human. In order to save others from a looming zombie doom, he rushes into the construction building to give others time to escape, and for another battle with Gwi-Nam.

The military bombs the school, and survivors barely make it outside. At the end of the episode, Cheong-san is seen plunging into the fiery depths with Gwi-nam. Cut to Episode 12, we see On-ju’s badge that she had given to Cheong-san floating around in the depths of an elevator shaft with numerous bodies. So, sorry folks, Cheong-san is really gone.

In the final episode, the surviving students are taken by the military, and are quarantined. We have to bid goodbye to Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) as she is fighting the urge to eat them. Four months later, the quarantine rules are less rigid and the students visit their school—which is just a ghost school now, as they’ve noticed a campfire in the distance. On-ju is still heartbroken about Cheong-san and Suhyeok misses Nam-ra. However, they learn that Nam-ra is the one who lit the fire, as she missed her friends—a throwback to the time during the zombie meltdown, when all of them sat around the fire and shared a couple of sweet moments.

Nam-ra greets them with hugs and says that there are ‘more people’ like her out there, indicating the new breed that has been created. In the series, there were only around a few who could resist the zombie virus, and didn’t transform into monsters, Gwi-nam and Nam-ra being a few of them. They developed superhuman strength instead. However, while Gwi-nam chose bloodlust, Nam-ra fought her instincts.

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